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 Posted: Mon Jan 7th, 2013 05:33 pm
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200s eh.... I've not played with any batteries that small before. Ill check Hobby King to see what they have. My LHS won't have anything like that but HK puts their battery dimensions on their website AND they are a dirt cheap source for lipo batteries.

The color isn't exactly what I'd originally had in mind but as I applied it I thought it looked a lot like some heavily oxidized paint so I went with it.

I'm pretty happy with it like it is with the aforementioned revisions to the rods.

Thanks, Woodie. Your modeling has been my inspiration. Yeah, lots of others guys here too but you in particular are the guy I think of when I think of Freerails and my modeling and where I want to be with my modeling some day. I won't ever copy you. I just like the level of detail you do and the look you end up with. No it ain't yeller but its a well worn look and that I did want.

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