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 Posted: Sun Feb 3rd, 2013 02:02 pm
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Gave up on the On30 plans, only got as far as getting a Climax(now for sale inquire within).  I had kept all my HO logging stuff short of a locomotive, I have 6 keystone logging buggies, barnhardt loader, kaydee caboose and a small sawmill.  I have a line on a nice PFM truck shay that I think I can swing if I can get the Climax sold.  My problem lies in my total inablity to draw up track plans that fit my available area.  I have a 2 foot by 8 foot shelf layout with a 3 foot "L" extension off one end.  I am not necesarly looking for a continious loop.  I understand that the sceen sets the mood in logging modeling, so in my mind's eye I still see a switch back style operation like the lumber line that Cass Scenic uses.  Putting the sawmill on the "L" extension with a small yard/engine house, maybe a couple company houses ect.  Or am I better off with a more level line, maybe following a creek bottom. I do have a set of the Woodland Scenics 4% premade grades that I thought I might use.     Mike

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