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 Posted: Sun Feb 3rd, 2013 02:33 pm
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Neat track plan, pretty much what I was thinking. Cass is a double switchback set up. And that is kind of what I was thinking in order to gain some height up the "mountain". The actual log loading area would be kind of blocked by a tree line so it doesnt actualy have to be modeled, just simulated. The focus on that part of the layout would be more of setting the mood, lots of trees overhanging the track ect. The sawmill and small company town would be the focus of structure and population modeling. Gotta have a bar and that special place for the unmarried lumberjacks to have fun. A small single stall ramshackle engine house with 2 tracks, 1 indoors and 1 outdoors. Now I need to get that On30 Climax sold so I can get the required motive power. All the log buggies need trucks yet, Kaydee arch bar with the add on brake beams are my plans there. Mike

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