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 Posted: Mon Feb 4th, 2013 01:41 am
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Here's one suggestion I have for a gumstump if you like that look:

As you can see, there is a track extending behind the lower level to the right. What I would do is take that track, extend it around a curve, throw a couple switches on it, and wallah, there you have your town and saw mill.

Then, on the lower level, I would replace the yard with a runaround track. This could be your interchange to the outside world. Then the top track you could either have one log landing, or just make it disappear behind trees like you had said, what ever you have room for.

A typical operating session would go like this:

The engine takes the cut lumber down the hill to the interchange track where it parks those cars on one side of the interchange track, the engine then pulls forward, flips a switch, and then backs a train of empty cars through the switchbacks up the hill to the log landing. From there, the train switches out loaded cars, and then goes back down to the interchange to runaround the cars. The train then continues up the hill past the first runaround and into town again. I'll put up a diagram in a moment.

James W.

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