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 Posted: Mon Feb 4th, 2013 01:57 am
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I would modifiy that to a log reloading camp on the upper level, with a high line dragging logs in from the woods to be reloaded by the barnhardt loader on the train. Then back down the mountian to the sawmill. After parking those at the log dump, the shay will then switch out in bound and out bound box cars of loaded finished lumber. Its not a done idea yet, building a HOn3 DRGW short caboose right now. Was gonna do a HOn3 layout but it wouldnt amount to much as I lack the room for curves to run K class Mikados. To work around that, was thinking of using the T trak modular idea to make up a portable layout that I could put on the dining room table when I want to run. Exploring ideas, looking at what I have already on hand. No HO logging power but do have logging train, No HOn3 motive power, just a couple freight cars and a caboose, 1 On30 Climax but no On30 logging cars. On30 buildings are a bit steap for my budget. HO are more in my budget. Most of all this hinges on finding a new home for the Climax so I can use the funds to buy something else. Mike

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