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 Posted: Wed Feb 6th, 2013 03:07 am
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The syncro smoke is a feature on MTH brand HO trains, not on any Bachmann stuff yet. I have decided to keep the On30 Climax and have ordered the 3rd truck kit from Backwoods Miniatures. I will also order a spare rear truck from Bachmann and fake the drive shaft. No real easy way to make it driven, plus the added stress on the line shaft wouldnt be good. I will make a carrier bearing where the coupler goes now on the 2 truck set up. SO there will be a rotating shaft from the 3rd truck and on the layout, you wont notice its not actualy connected to the rear truck. I would look at driving it, IF someone comes out with all metal drive shafts and univeral joint colars to solve the splitting issues. With all these on the market, you would think someone would make them up in metal or brass, sales would be tremendous as it would solve the driveline issues once and for all. mike

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