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 Posted: Wed Feb 6th, 2013 04:51 pm
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Since I have now decided to build my logging layout in On30, it was time for a new thread to document its construction.  Todays progress was finishing up the shelf bench work into the corner and over to my band saw creating the "L" shape I was looking for.  In the right hand corner and quasi-mocked up with sheets of paper I cut out is the log pond, jill poke with a gap where the track will curve infront of the pond, accross the creek,  and the saw mill with boiler house on the back side.  Then we look into the corner of the "L", this is where the middle switch back will be located as indicated where my level is laying.  The track will hug the back side of the layout as it climbs to camp 1 load out. You can also see where the engine house will be. There will be another creek that flows along side the engine house and under the bridge.   Next picture shows where the bridge will be, wont be using that one, its just for effect.  I will scratch build one with logs and pillings. Line curves toward the front of the table and the lower switch back.  I extended the bench work a bit along the front to allow for more trees and some small scenes like a hunting cabin ect. In the last pic we see the end of the layout where the first switch back will be toward the front, and camp 1 reload will be at the rear, featuring 2 tracks, 1 long siding to handle the 3 camp cars, kitchen, saw filers and bunk, plus room for 3 log skells when I am swapping out loads for empties.  tracks will curve toward the front to maximize room.  Normal train will be the 3 truck Climax and 3 log cars.  Track will probably be all Peco at this time.  Dont care for using standard HO, doesnt have the proper narrow gauge look.  Control of the layout is planned to be a Bachmann wireless Dynamis system.  With no need to expand, its a 1 person operation its the most bang for the buck on fleabay.  I am going to try and duplicate the small saw mill that Bachmann made out of 2 plasticville covered bridges.  All the wood kits I have seen are to large and to expensive unless someone knows of something I havent found, I am not keen on scratchbuilding one.   Always up for suggestions.   I hope to get more of the woodland scenics grades and risers in the coming weeks to keep plugging away on the right of way.  The 3rd truck kit for the Climax is on its way from the UK.   Cheers  Mike

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