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 Posted: Thu Feb 7th, 2013 12:20 am
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No, I canceled the auction, wasnt even close to what I needed for it. Now its on for On30. I just bought some On30 from an estate for $125. Got a BLI DRGW C16 #278 with sound/dcc and a possible cracked main gear, runs good but has a catch when its running slow. Dont need that for the layout, but I love colorado narrow gauge, it will look good in the cabinet in the living room. A Bachmann T boiler shay, needs the rear drive line replaced due to split colar at the rear truck, 3 log skel's with logs and 1 C&S low side gondola that I will reletter for my line. All the gears were good on the shay, just has the split colar right now. Gotta find the funds yet but my offer on it was accepted. I am about the only On30 modeler in the area. Mike

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