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 Posted: Fri Feb 15th, 2013 12:21 am
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Got my Backwoods Miniatures tender kit in the mail today. It easily built up. I did solder a couple of braces to help stiffen the truck assembly at the bottom so the side frames wouldnt spread appart. I may look into ordering a Bachmann replacement truck to put under the tender, then fake the line shaft forward. Not sure if just the weight of the tender would turn the bachmann gears. I will decide once I get it all painted and on the layout. A couple of addiations I want to add is a water pump to feed the fire hose reel that comes with the kit. And possible a water column that would be mounted to the rear of the locomotive's tank, plumbed to the water pump thats used to rewater the engine. The column would be swung over to the tenders water hatch when pumping up water from a creek ect. PFM's 3 truck shays had them. I need to see what Climax used on thier 3 truck models. Looking for someone to weather the whole set up once I get done with assembly. Pics soon, maybe tomorrow. Mike

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