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 Posted: Sat Feb 16th, 2013 02:49 am
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What about using a small rod engine? I swapped some excess O and G scale track to a small shop today for an old PFM/United 2-6-2 Prairie King. Doesnt run to bad after I requarted a driver that was causing a hitch in her get along. Has an actual Pittman motor istead of the usual Japanese clone of a Pittman. I would probably put a can motor in it eventualy so I can put my sound decoder in it. Still needs some time on the test look to run in the drive. Acts like a Mantua that needs some serious run in time! The end issue is my whole hobby is on a shoe string budget, swapping and bartering to get needed items or better items. The On30 is nice, but structures are expensive and the long term dependablity of the driveline in the Bachmann engines is questionable. The drive in a PFM/United engine, not so much. On hand I now have the PFM/United prairie, 6 Keystone log buggies, 1 Kaydee disconnect set and 1 Kaydee logging caboose. Other than some more track and a sawmill the rest is scenery work ect. I would like to find one more engine, question is geared or rod. Track radius will be 15" so it would be a small rod, probably another prairie, depends if I can find another and what its selling for. There is a PFM Climax for sale localy but its at the top limit that I can cover right now. Rather go a bit cheaper and put the rest of the money toward the layout. Hopefully this newest round of job apps yields something. Mike

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