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 Posted: Sun Feb 17th, 2013 11:55 pm
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Here is Turtle Creek Timbers 2 spot, fresh from the shops with the roads paint scheme.  While the paint crews were busy, the mechanical dept went to work, cleaning and tuning the Pittman motor, making a brace for the gear box so it doesnt torque back in reverse and cleaning the hardened grease out of the gear box.  The headlight has a micro bulb in it, but I dont have a circuit to run it right now.  I also soldered wires from the truck frames to the bottom of the tender to bypass the actual bolster screw contact, this helps stablize the tender pickups.  Second pic shows her short log train, Kaydee bobber, Kaydee disconnect pair then one of my MEW buggies followed by a scratch built bobber on a Central Valley passenger truck, got that one from a late friends estate.  The other 5 MEW buggies are in a pile in the background awaiting trucks and couplers.  That orange streamlined thing is a sound install for a friend.  I hope to get some more track laid out later this week.  I am on the hunt for another one of these Prairie's and have cash in hand if someone has one to sell or see's one in thier travels.  Mike

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