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 Posted: Sun Feb 24th, 2013 02:53 pm
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All of this interest in this old thread reminded me of something else old (besides myself). Many years ago, there was a fellow who lived North pf Philadelphia, who had an extensive 1/2" scale traction layout in his basement. A friend and I used to visit occasionally, and so as to have something besides his equipment to run, my friend and I each built  1/24 scale cars. Mine turned out good enough to win first prize in the large scale category at a show around that time. So I went to a cluttered closet, and retrieved a very dusty box  and took some pictures. Would have been a lot better, if the sun were shining, but that phenomena hasn't occurred for over a week.  The only commercial parts are the motor, the chain (metal) that sends power to the second wheel of the power truck (sprockets homemade),the chain supporting the front people catchers, the headlight, and the motorman, who started out as a soldier (US Woodie)from my misguided childhood  you might notice that the car has no passengers--that's because the motorman is purposefully looking away from the door that that they would enter through, just so he doesn't have to stop and pick them up.  The car is a model of a Media, Middletown, Aston and Chester car-- a line that was absorbed into the Philadelphia Rapid Transit, which became Philadelphia Transportation Co, now Southeast Penna Trans. Authority. . The MMA&C trackage was abandoned before WW2.


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