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 Posted: Mon Mar 11th, 2013 08:46 pm
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Thinking about changing stack and smokebox on middle one, the South Pacific Coast Annie.

I do not like those extended smokeboxes: do know the spark and cinder catcher assembly is in there when straight stack is used but for the most part I think those extended smokeboxes look dorky at best.

A few years ago bought John H. White, Jr.'s book American Locomotives an Engineering History, 1830 - 1880. Has discussion of extended smokeboxes on pages 123 and 124. The whole smokebox and spark arrestor discussion runs pages 114 to 124.

Anyway, back to the model. Original stack is seen on shelf in front of loco. A couple years ago I extended the height by about 3/8 inch, 10mm, to satisfy my sense of esthetics.
Last week ordered diamond stack from Bachmann for around $10 along with various G and On30 bells for some kitbashing and detailing projects.
With the diamond stack having the cinder arresting structure in it there would be no need for the smokebox extension.
Wood burning Virginia & Truckee on top shelf has had its smokebox extension sawn off for accuracy's sake and boiler repainted for same reason - although - the actual V&T 4-6-0 #26 was built around 1900 and looked little like Bachmann's: nevertheless, I like it a lot.

Will need to come up with brackets for the headlights on V&T and most likely the SPC loco.

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See y'all later, Forrest.
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