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 Posted: Sun Mar 17th, 2013 10:26 pm
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W C Greene wrote:
The only time I got upset with someone posting photos of my junk on the net was when a "gent" had photos of the Mogollon Railway on his "blog" and outright stated that they were his railroad! I would have never known this until a couple of guys informed me about it. I wrote a message on the blogger's comments about this day, the blog and everything was gone!

Now, back to tight radius curves. I saw a couple of those at the mall yesterday. I hope Pam doesn't read this.


Yeah now that's stealing or fraud and differs to posting or reposting and article or photos...
I know what you mean there were some nice tight curves in my sex tapes but they soon became 40Chain rad curves, part of the reason I stopped posting them really.....
If you want tight radius curves visit Hong Kong they are there in every possible construance of the term......

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