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 Posted: Tue Mar 19th, 2013 05:00 am
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Hi Herb

I didn't realise your computer was MECHANICAL !

I thought you had 20,000 RCA-6SN7's wired together in the basement.
The air-con bill would probably be more than the juice to run the CPU.

I think they ran something like this at 'Area 51' back in the day...
...perhaps Charley might know something about it.

Talking of which...
...where's he got to ?
Maybe the Fed's got 'im for unauthorised NG photography.

A lot of alien-abductions on Pi-Day so urban-myth has it.

Oh well...
...I'm mail you a couple more gerbils Herb...
...might get your Pi acuracy up by a few more digits !

To beyond--insanity--and...




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