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 Posted: Sun Mar 24th, 2013 07:12 pm
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Herb Kephart wrote: OK Dallas--no fair teasin us!

Did you emboss the "tin" one block at a time?

And the master?  Herb

Well, Herb ... the sad fact is ... I shot a whole raft of progress photos without ... read that again, I said WITHOUT ... a memory card in the camera! :dope:  (Stupid Nikon will tell me if the memory card is "locked" ... but it just shoots away in "demo mode" without a card.) :doh:

So ... basically ... it was all done in one sheet:
-- Tape some aluminum foil (shiny side up) to a nice clean cutting mat (new one without any burrs, gashes that will mar the embossing) ... (you want the shiny side up for embossing, so your finished product is on the dull side)
-- Draw out the basic grid lines with a light color pencil on some very THIN paper.  Used light blue or something, so you can "see" where you end up tracing over it.
-- Tape the paper over the foil ... trace the lines with a fine-tip mechanical pencil ... making lines, boxes, whatever depending on the design ... circle template to make the little circles ... clear straight edge for the diagonals ... and voila!

On earlier tests, I tried using a fine-tip Sharpee to mark the grids on the back of the foil and then a pencil directly on the foil for the embossing ... the embossing comes out much sharper/bolder that way ...

Doing it with the thin paper seems to have some advantages:  the pencil tip doesn't catch/tear the foil ... and it produces a more muted embossing, which I think looks better here ... L:

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