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 Posted: Mon Mar 25th, 2013 10:47 pm
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Thanks, Craig
What a beautiful, inspiring locomotive! And your run times confirm my suspicion that the efficiencies of incorporating brushless motors, battery technology and other advances that radio controlled aircraft and cars have achieved through their big head start eventually will be of great advantage to model railroading.
I’m no electrical engineer and researching the components for a full-on RC conversion is pretty intimidating. But one of the most attractive aspects of deadrail is that each locomotive is a more or less stand-alone proposition. You don’t have a huge investment of time and money in wiring the layout. If you think you might want to have sound it looks like a layout of the size I’m contemplating could get up and running pretty quickly with something like an S-CAB installation without having so much tied up in it that it would deter you from researching and building your dream R/C conversion (and waiting for more miniature components, batteries and sound boards to come to market).
I hope to work in HO with a period steam operation set sometime in the 1930-1950 period. I’m worried about space and metal. I’m afraid space might be awfully tight in HO, although I might find a tender big enough to do the job. I’m worried about die-cast metal and radio reception and would love to start with a plastic locomotive body if I could find one.
I’m down in Goleta and would love to wander up and see your work someday.

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