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 Posted: Wed Mar 27th, 2013 03:44 am
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Thanks for all the fabulous detail regarding components and tips on how to use them. It will be tremendously helpful to me as I plan my project. Are these the components that you used in your first battery r/c HO 1 ½ years ago?
The Spread Spectrum Technology video was very impressive. I had heard about this technology and it definitely is the way I would want to go. There certainly is no problem with multiple locos in r/c!
Do you use one transmitter for each locomotive or is there any way to run two locos with one Tx? I suppose by the time you run sound and all the possible other functions you’d want one Tx per loco anyway.
Besides, I am rethinking how badly I want sound in light of Woodie’s comment that sound uses a lot of battery.

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