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 Posted: Tue Apr 2nd, 2013 03:33 pm
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I have been told by numerous "experts" that copper wire for overhead won't work "too soft" will "stretch all out of shape".  One fellow--who's opinion I respected highly-- looked at the wire on the layout that I had back then, and recognized that the running wire was copper--and told me that I had better replace it, for the above reasons. The subject changed quickly when I told him that that particular section had been in use for something like ten years. This was in a loft above my shop, where the temperature sometimes ranged from below freezing, to over 100*F--that's why that layout no longer exists. It was the temperature effect on ME, not the wire that was the ultimate reason for "abandonment".

The secret is to stretch the wire before hanging it. Put it under tension COLD--not electrically heated as I advised in my bit about overhead elsewhere on FreeRails. That advice is for phosphor bronze wire. As you pull on the copper, you will feel the resistance to the pull increase slightly--this is the material work hardening, --quit then and you will have nice straight wire that won't be likely to stretch more.

One of the beauties of large scale is the amount of detail that you can incorporate.

One of the downsides is the amount of detail the you HAVE to incorporate.


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