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 Posted: Sun Apr 7th, 2013 07:08 am
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After Modelling the Woolacombe Bay at 1/13.7 scale, I start a new layout called Vestvagoy.  A norway harbour at 1/13.7 scale located on the Vestvagoy in  Lofoten Islands in the north of Norway.

It's a fictional railways. The rea is nowadays. The Track are  45 mm / 2 feet scale. The scale is  7/8 inch for one foot  or 1/13.7
The railway system allows the fishermen to transport the fish and the fishing materials from the boat to the fishery

The layout measures 143 cm by 73 cm plus a fiddle yard on the left part of the layout of 93 cm by 73 cm (not shows on the photos). On the fiddle yard, I have 3 tracks that allow me to do various movements between the layout and the “rest of the world”. I run the layout from the front in order to be able to share and discuss with the visitors. I’m equipped for that with a  DCC Wireless Infrared System to be able to move freely.

I will be able to utilized my fleet of locomotives  of free lance locos and true English and german one like the Lister, the Ruston 20 HP and Ransom and Rapier.

The rolling stocks come from Bachmann, LGB, HLW and also entire scratch build ones.

The layout runs on DCC with an Spectrum EZ Command Control System Dynamis Wireless Infrared System. Each locomotive is equipped with a DCC decoder. The sound of the loco is also played under the layout with an Esu sound decoder plus a subwoofer and two satellites. In parallel, I play a CD on a CD player links also to another separate Hercules XPS2-135 system. The CD contains true sounds of waves mixed with seagulls, sterns, …

The boat and the building on the quay belong to Hansen Fisk company

I start the layout by the central element, the boat. I order the hull in vacuum plastic in UK (30 inches long) plus the accessories of another supplier in UK.

The boat will look like of a mix of that

Here the mock up of the layout at 1/5 scale of 1/13 scale (ie 1/65 scale)

The quay will be done in wood. On the quay, a crane from a truck will help to unload the fishes from the boat (crane from mackmouldings)

The only unknown element for me is how to do a calm sea. I never do that before and I have seen many techniques on internet. The key factor of success for this layout is the sea. I'm a little lost so if you can help me ?

franck combe
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