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 Posted: Fri Apr 12th, 2013 02:59 am
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So how did all this get started??
Way back in October 2005, after a local model railway exhibition, a friend of mine, myself, Guy Gadsden and our wives adjourned to Macca's (the place of the golden arches) for a post-exhibition "feed" before heading our seperate ways. Guy being a fan of a particular Welsh railway, mentioned he wanted to build a layout with an incline. we tossed around several ideas about a slate incline. I then asked the innocent question - :!: What about a model of an Australian incline instead? - We did have incline railways out here - Didn't we? ???

Corrimal was a choice that resonated with both of us. In a previous career Guy had worked on a unique 40T bogie diesel underground locomotive, buit by the local firm of E M Baldwin of Castle Hill NSW. My father was one of the senior Australian Iron & Steel Collieries engineers who had written the specifications for that loco. The 2' gauge operations at Corrimal were one of the better documented inclines in Australia and I had also seen the 2' gauge underground network in operation, prior to its closure in the mid 1960's. I also get to fire "Burra", one of the preserved 2' gauge locomotives, at my local railway museum.

Several dead drink cups later, after much scribbling on serviettes (napkins), measuring up Maccas with a tape measure (it should be this big...), much hilarity amongst the 4 of us, and lots of odd looks from both management and patrons, the "Corrimal Colliery Incline" was born. (Yes we still have the serviette with the original mud map on it filed for posterity)

Now on to the research - L: Surely someone somewhere had built one of this type of self-acting incline? ??? So far we have not been able to find anyone anywhere who has built this type of a cable-hauled incline with individual wagons dotted along the haulage ropes. (Now watch someone come out of the woodwork and claim they built one 15 years ago...) All other types of model inclines that we have found so far are variations on a theme where one or more wagons are attached to the end of the haulage rope or are placed on a platform that is raised or lowered the length of the incline.

The sticking point for us was that we did not have 1/43rd scale people to clip the wagons onto the haulage rope at one of the incline and to unclip them at the other end.
So in July 2009 I had the "Eureka" moment.... :Crazy: :!: Suppose I find some other way of moving the skips so that I don't have to attach them physically to the haulage rope?

Here's what I came up with

L: :w: But can I pull a 1 in 4 grade? ???
:2t: Yes we can!!
(Warning - turn your sound down NOW!!!)

:Crazy::Crazy::!:Now suppose I get the under-track chain and and the rope to move at the same speed? It would look like the haulage rope is actually doing the hauling....

That's enough thinking for now - more next time...
John Garaty
Unanderra in oz

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John Garaty
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