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 Posted: Tue Apr 23rd, 2013 01:20 am
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Hi all again,
having replied to Woodie, I suppose that I'd better get on with the build saga, seeing Dan has already got out on video what we had in on display Melbourne at the Australian Narrow Gauge Convention (Stage 1 minus scenery).

So strap on a chair for the next installment....

First up you'd better come up with some pretty good reasons on WHY you should actually want to build a model of an incline of a type no-one else has...
These reasons boiled down to:
    Be "Unique" - so far no-one else has done it
    Be exhition suitable - not just for model railway shows, but also for local, mining and history functions as well, so that the life of this layout can be fully utilised
    Be educational - to show the process of mining, handling and transporting coal of days gone in a "reasonably" accurate manner

So having decided on Corrimal and the reasons for making a model of it, how do you actually make a model of it? The final plan in the first post was arrived at after a lot of head scratching and preliminary work. to get to the final plan, we developed a "build philosophy" for this layout
    Proof Of Concept Modelling - make cheap test rigs to prove if the concept/design will work, so that the major processes are verified before any major expenditure is incurred, for example testing the top end of the incline for layout see - (Again turn your sound down NOW and hang around to the 3 min mark to see what can go wrong)
    Modular light weight construction - aluminium square tube frames with “soft-rock” scenery for the mountain side at a standard module sizes of 1200mm or 1400mm long by 600mm wide with 200mm depth to frames. MDF tops used to give a solid foundatiom for mounting mechansisms/structures
    1:1 scale drawings – created to see if the desired track plans would actually fit onto the planned modules.
    Staged Construction – When complete, the model will consist of II modules. These modules will have to be built and detailed in stages.
      STAGE 1 – The Incline - 6 modules Bottom end, Incline, Top end, Dead end, Water Tank, Mine Run 1 as the train turntable loader. Building from incline bottom upwards to enable accurate positioning of hardware under the incline tracks.
      STAGE 2 – Brokers Nose – 3 modules, Mine Run 1, Brokers Nose1 & Brokers Nose2. Will feature a pelmetted extension of the run to the mine dominated by “Brokers Nose” on top of the pelmet. Will act as a view block between incline and future extension to the mine. Still uses train turntable for loading skips.
      STAGE 3 – Corrimal Mine – mine buildings on 2 modules with mine portals at extreme left – featuring skip repair area, coal dump, workshop, powerhouse and loco shed Train turntable module to be re-worked as the “underground” loading area & reversing loop, hidden by the mine portal module.
    Selected cameo scenes – where photos exist, details will “go close” to those shown in the photo.
    Rainforest – because of the size of the final layout, detailed trees will be limited to cameo scenes.
    Mountain railway - track height from top of incline to mine has been deliberately set at 1350 mm (53") to 1400 mm (55") above floor to give the impression of a railway running along the side of the Illawarra escarpment. Smaller people will be looking up at the layout as the train shuttles skips between the mine & incline top. The Incline itself will appear as an open-topped tunnel descending through trees.
    Brokers Nose – we intend to have “Brokers Nose” on top of a pelmet at Stage 2 as both a view block and drawcard

So what's all this about a Brokers Nose? Brokers Nose {aka Mount Korrimul} dominates the Illawarra escarpment close to where the original mine site was... The "nose" is formed when the softer underlying shales and coal has been eroded leaving a hard sandstone "beak",

Seeing we've decided to model Corrimal as it was in the mid-1920's, that tower won't be there :bg:

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