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 Posted: Wed Jun 5th, 2013 12:28 pm
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Hi folks,
may I jump in and show you a TT scale ( 1:120 ) conversion of an industrial switcher to R/C, with track supply buffering, that I made some two years ago. At that time Deltang receivers weren't known to me, so I used a CORAL (Czech made) 2.4 GHz system with almost the same features.
The whole contraption is built up basing on an old 'Zeuke' (GDR) T334 switcher model. It had its motor and wheel bearings replaced, to make it run on 3V with as little inner friction as possible. The original gear train, being well made, has been retained, however.
The engine uses an onboard step-down converter (RECOM) together with one 150mAh LiPo cell. As I belong to a group of module railroaders who operate DCC at meetings, the track supply circuit has been tailored for this. DCC buffering does away with a large input buffering capacitor, which is a blessing in cramped space.
The motor draws 54mA at full slip, and the original ballast weight has been retained fully. This gives me a time of 6hrs continuos operation without bufffering. Under the conditions I operate it - switcher - it does not run so frequently during operation sessions. That is, one charge will last  two (real) days of scheduled operation at a meeting, which is three days normally. When buffered, which is the normal condition, the battery will last forever and only a precautionary charge is given before the next meeting. I take part 2..3 times a year. When taking it out and checking beforehand,  it still runs well under its own power.

See for yourself, and please excuse the arranging of the photos- haven't masterd all the formatting tricks yet.

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Regards, H.
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