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 Posted: Sat Jun 29th, 2013 05:21 am
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smokebox wrote:
Does anyone have anyidea how big steeplecabs got while still rolling on archbar trucks?

AFAIK, no electric locos ever rode on "archbar" trucks :!:

The earlier and lighter weight electric locos generally rode on trucks which were modifications of steam locomotive tender truck designs, as these were pre-existing designs which were intended to carry significant weights (of water).

As electric loco gross ton weights increased, along with sales, purpose designed locomotive trucks came into play. Some locos, especially "home made" ones, rode on what were basically electric passenger car trucks (including in some cases early swing-bolster types). Piedmont and Northern, Illinois Terminal and Oregon Electric (later CNS&M and FDDM&S) all had large, heavy B+B+B+B electric locos that rode on trucks recycled from passenger cars.


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