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 Posted: Mon Jul 8th, 2013 11:59 pm
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The "Final Frontier" or "A Bridge to Far"?
What I was hoping to do was create a one stop location to gather everyone's testing, results, failures and satisfactions to help those working or experimenting with this newer form of illumination. From what I have seen around and read on the web this field takes us all in many directions due to the unorganized and sometimes deceptive way this new technology is described and sold.
What I was first hoping to due was standardize the way each product is described. Collect this information on a excel chart and provide to those interested. With each person submitting the data, design and installation processes, and then posting images of their systems, lighting up the scene or layout they are used on. Big dream?, maybe, but with the vast reach this forum has and the diverse group of people involved I think it will be a win, win situation.
Lets here you thoughts on this idea.



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