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 Posted: Tue Jul 9th, 2013 12:52 am
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I will start with what I have tried to date;

Described Colour = white
Colour Temperature in Kelvin = n/a
CRI (colour rendition index) Number = n/a
Light Output in Lumens per Foot or Meter = 60 / m
Voltage = 12vdc
Power Consumption in mA per Foot or Meter or Total = 24w total
LED Type = n/a
Beam Angle in Degrees = 120 deg.
LEDs per Foot or Meter or Total = n/a
Strip Width in Millimeters = 8mm
Strip Length in Feet or Meters or Total = 4pc x 2 feet long, 8ft total length
Manufacture Name = Sylvania, Mosaic Flexable Light
Model Number = 72344
Information Link =
Where Purchased = Costco

I will add a photo shortly.

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