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 Posted: Thu Jul 11th, 2013 02:15 am
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After taking pictures outside with my unfinished diorama a close look at the pictures shows very little depth of field, I discovered I had my F stop setting wrong. I had forgotten that a large F stop number closes the iris down for better depth of field. I also discover that the Cannon Power Shot SX20IS only has a max setting of F8. Hardly good for great field of depth. So off I went searching for a Stack focusing program. I found one here.

After several download attempts usng the large download logo I discovered all this did was download a file compressor such as WinZip. What you need to download is either " External Mirror 1 or External Mirror 2". To test the program I used my Microsoft LifeCam Studio camera. I take all my indoor pics of modeling stuff with this camera. It has a very poor depth of field. So here's the first of a set of 14 pictures I took. I started at the nose being in focus and worked my way back to the end of the B unit changing the focus one increment at a time.

First picture.

Now after running the 14 pictures through the program.

Now that I've learned all this I'm now anxious to try taking pictures out doors knowing what I know now.

So if you want to get good depth of field with a digital camera that only has an F stop of 8 the thing to do is stack focusing. The program was real easy to run. It does have a lot of other options but I didn't use any of them and still don't know what they do.

Have fun getting better focused close up pictures of your models.


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