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 Posted: Thu Jul 11th, 2013 05:30 pm
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Looking at this from a "biased" viewpoint, I imagine that the layout is DCC which means that there are "positive & negative" rails (yes, I know it is AC delivery) which need to be insulated properly. When a powered overhead wire is introduced, there just may be some sort of imbalance in the force...or something like that. The beauty of overhead is that the track can be built just like I build reguard for polarity since both rails are "negative" and the wire is "positive"...(I imagine).
Therefore, uness some smart fellow figures this out, I would think that trolley/traction operation on a DCC layout might require (1) the overhead connected to one feed, track the other...or (2) forget powering the overhead and just use the DCC the way it was intended-2 rail pickup. Get my drift? One or the other it seems.


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