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 Posted: Wed Jul 24th, 2013 03:04 pm
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Well, with all the recent "kitchen improvement" spammers trying to reach us on the forum here, I thought I'd make a little update from my own can of Spam! :)  After making the wider tin back-spash, the original Verlinden hood seemed like a bit of a mismatch (too narrow and odd shape) ... so I started scratching my head and figuring out how to make a hood like this ... got into all sorts of complicated vacuum-forming and heat-forming ideas until it occurred to me that I could simply build the shape if I had some hollow quarter round ...

So, I took a piece of styrene tubing of the desired diameter ... cut some squares to match the diameter ... marked the center lines on those and glued those to the tubing ... then scribed the tubing to be cut in quarters and cut it in half.   (The squares kept the tubing from turning while going thru the saw ... which, in this case, was a cut-off wheel mounted in a Dremel drill press.)

Mitered the joints after the tubing was cut in half, but before it was cut into quarters ...

Used this carefully-designed high-tech fixture to support the pieces while cutting them into quarters. :)

Stuck the pieces together and used some styrene sheet to fill in the center ...

There's the basic shape ... and the re-painted back splash.  (Previous coloring effort wasn't photographing well.)

Added some styrene trim and some HO window fans from to make 1/35 scale ventilators ... (no grease filters, definite fire hazard!) :dope:  Also, some photo-etched letters from Royal Model.

Some preliminary paint work and test fitting ... still have to do some trim paint, etc ... More updates soon ... meanwhile, there's some scale-modeling kitchen Spam for ya! (_!_) :bg:

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