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 Posted: Sat Aug 3rd, 2013 10:46 pm
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James Brown


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Herb and Woodie

I am disappointed to report that my effort to duplicate and document with lots of photos the "30-Minute Conversion" of a locomotive to R/C using a Futaba Attack transmitter with 27MHz crystal and a LOSI receiver/ESC ended up as a well-documented failure.

In fairness I did introduce points of potential failure by substituting LOSI connectors to connect the LOSI board both to the battery and the motor and the wiring of the two-truck locomotive was different than the prototype.

I would do more trouble shooting but I already had decided to switch over to an S-CAB system instead and I had other uses for everything except the receiver board. So I rewired the Bachmann FT-A Diesel Locomotive back to a simple DC pickup that I will use in a train set for the grandchildren. It runs as well as it did before the attempted conversion.

It is nice to see more manufacturers showing an interest in HO R/C. Hopefully a good standard will emerge and ready to run R/C locomotives will be as common as ready to run DCC equipped locomotives are now.


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