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 Posted: Tue Aug 20th, 2013 06:17 pm
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Bill Fornshell

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Bernd wrote:

I do have a question. I always wonder were people get drawings for their projects or how they go about trying to find info to create their work of art. I've been chasing down information onĀ the Hulett ore un-loaders. Finding drawings was a bit tough at first, but I did finally find a source. I see from your drawings that they are quite large. Would you care to share that info on obtaining your drawings?


Hi Bernd and others,

Thanks for the comments.

I spend a lot of time looking at photos in books, magazines and the internet.
If I see something I like I will save the link or save a picture or an article. I Save the paper references in note binders by subject. I currently have about 150 of these binders.

If I decide to build something I start by doing more searching on the internet. If I don't have it, I look for a really good side view or set of drawings. For an engine or some type of rolling stock I also look for a set of Specs or measurements.

If I can't find drawings, I belong to a lot of yahoo train groups and I will usually ask on some of those groups if anyone has a reference for what I am looking for. In the case of the CTA-5001 cars when I asked, I was sent a link to "" . had several drawings (side and end views) showing the different paint jobs used on the older CTA 5001-5004 series 3-car sets. I made a copy of one of the drawings - a small drawing - took the specs for car length and used my printer to scale the drawing for both O scale and HO scale. The drawings in the background of several of the pictures is one of those.

I didn't post the drawing as it is copyright protected.

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