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 Posted: Sun Aug 25th, 2013 07:55 pm
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Here's a little (small paperback) book that will please every standard gauge, electric railroad, funky narrow gauge, and sugar industry lover. Adolph Hungry Wolf has visited Cuba many times in search of railroadiana and this book documents several steam, diesel, & electric lines. There really is something for everyone in these pages. Many great photos and maps of the railroads...every one of the 95  pages is a winner. This book seems to still be available from booksellers, ABE didn't list it-but they sell out of print books.

Here's a shot of the cover showing how even a few years back, it is in the early 1950's in Cuba. No matter what you think about the murderous "presidente", the people there seem to love tourists...even though US residents can't legally visit. Mr. Hungry Wolf is a Canadian and gets special treatment on the island. One of these days when "Uncle Fidel" and his buddies are deposed, US railfans will flock to Havana. Let's just hope the trains are still there.

ISBN 0-920698-46-8 Canadian Caboose Press

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