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 Posted: Sun Aug 25th, 2013 11:29 pm
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I hear you Jim and I have to agree that there are a few drawbacks for pure rail power.

When used in conjunction with batteries, I think providing track power to run locomotive lights and to keep batteries charged makes a lot of sense.

After doing a careful post test inspection on my GP 50, I noticed that the rear truck had a broken power wire, which would have explained at least some of the dead spot stalls it experienced. I ordered some micro sized SMD caps to replace the larger bank in the locomotive. The micro sized caps are a bit pricey at 5 bucks a pop, but will help to free some space for batteries later on. I feel that this locomotive will prove to be a worthwhile performer on track power and proves to me that an R/C conversion doesn't necessarily have to be expensive to provide good performance.

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