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 Posted: Thu Sep 12th, 2013 02:14 pm
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Many years back, I had a copy of Railroads in the Woods by John Labbe & Vernon Goe...I "loaned" it to a "friend" and never got it back. Recently, I found a new copy of this great book, now published by OSO PUBLISHING, and snatched it up. Nope, it will not leave my posession (nor any of my other books) but become a great reference for ideas and general browsing. While I am not modeling a logger now, I am still "et up with" the industry and railroads. This has about 250 pages of great logging photos and info about the lines shown. If you love funky locos built in the backwoods, tiny Porters, mainline locos hauling logs, and of course all the equipment used in the timber...then get this book.

ABE has copies of this un' for not much scratch and it should be in every logger's library and also in libraries of those who just love trains and photography. What more can I say? Lots......


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