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 Posted: Fri Sep 20th, 2013 04:37 am
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Si , Woodrow Elminero Erb'..fellers..whew..

The old was quite a labour..I was skeered if I didn't finish it around the attic I would loose interest..not being able to go roundy roundsy....

I had something like 99 switches..seems I burned a bunch of monies back then..retail therapy...I still have the switches and the track..and the ground throws..

I think I have 28 or so on the new..quite alot for such a small railroad...I add them willy nilly without thought to cost I have them and more..

some are a bit rough from being laid / taken up and stored for almost two years..moved three times..albiet in a box..

I lost my mind for awhile there..I got divorced, that is the reason for the layout being torn down..I moved ..I sold alot of stuff ..I gave away a lot of stuff...

I regret it now..but not for long..I can build whatever I want..things like stairways and handrails are a bit thin on the ground now.I have enough support stuff..angle iron structural conveyor support stuff to do whot I want to "just"

..I had stocks of the walthers large conveyor kits..they are gone..I can still build whot I want fact.I pride myself on being able to make do..and making do is actually quite a bit more satisfying than just slapping a kit togedda..

There is a train shew in november over in cali Roseville..quite alot of warped cracked mutilated and spindled stuff on offer..freight cars at $3-4 per and buildings un built / partial and bits for sale..I intend to be there with a bit of cash to see whot I can find..

That is this evenings story..I have some recent fotos but Erb won't let em post them..I think a mail campaign to get him to let me post them is in order..?..

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