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 Posted: Wed Oct 9th, 2013 09:58 pm
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Hi Mr.C & fellow card-sharps ! :thumb:

The one that got away...
...yeah, right ... 50ft long with bells on !

Nar ... !

But -

The photo of Charley's 2nd strip of card-pockets...
...for the 2nd leg of his new L-shaped MKII 'Tidewater' layout.

Not much action down at 'Gieger Gravel' on a Sunday...
...gargantuan amounts of grade-A gravel need shiftin' Monday, for sure !

This, I believe is the left-leg of the L-shape layout...
...the previous pix. & card-pockets were of/on the right-leg of the L-shape.





Perhaps 'Gieger Gravel' should get into the mining biz.

A 200ft vertical shaft...
...and they would hit the MOTHER-LODE of paint-tubes & coffee cups !! :java:



' Mysterious Moose Mountain ' - 1:35n2 - pt.II

' M:R:W Motor Speedway !!! ' - 1:32 Slotcar Racing Layout
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