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 Posted: Tue Oct 15th, 2013 07:01 pm
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If you want some of the most interesting railroad books out there, then George Abdill's books are for you. Mr. Abdill wrote "Pacific Slope Railroads", "Locomotive Engineer's Album", "This Was Railroading", and many other great titles which are full of old and obscure lines, and photos that will leave your mouth watering. These days, his books can be found at flea markets, rr shows, and on Abe Books at extremely low prices.

I suppose that if his name was Ferrell then these books would fetch some serious dinero but check out the prices on the link above. I own about 7 of his books and each one is well worn due to my many hours of looking at the wonderful photos. My favorite is "This Was Railroading" which has photos of old portage locos, a combination of a return flue boiler and a flat car, and tiny 4-2-0 lokies with some big old mainline monsters included also. Check these out, every serious model railroader should have some, you ARE serious aren't you?



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