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 Posted: Fri Nov 15th, 2013 01:03 am
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If you blow up the photo in the second link, you can see that the "rail" is made of two planks stood on edge. Ignore the section of track nearest the camera--it has to move across the ties to "throw" the switch. The photo will stand quite a bit of enlargement. Now, what holds the planks to the ties? What holds the "rail" in gauge? No sign of rebates cut into the ties. For that matter, what holds the two planks together--although they may just be face nailed? Considering that green wood must have been used, I wonder if this was an experiment that failed once the wood began to dry out and twist. Would be interesting to know. Anybody have bound volumes of Railway Age from back then? Should only take a few months to find it IF it was written up--but a lot of wiftier stuff got reported by companies or railroads looking for some "print".


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