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 Posted: Thu Nov 21st, 2013 01:35 am
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Dan D Sparks

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Hehe! Good question Herb.
This is the second build of the overhead. The first time I had the tension too high. The more wires I added, the more the tension built. Eventually the solder joints on the wire hangers couldn't take it and would suddenly pop off. And the poles on the corners of the layout took the brunt of it all and were bending. So I took it all down and many years later started all over again. This time I took my time and built it carefully and methodically. I ran the cars through a lot to test each new addition before progressing any further. So the version you see now didn't require any major revisions, only minor tweaks (minor tweaking continues still). Here is a video of when just the mainline was in before I started in on the intersection. That was a big accomplishment in itself!:

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