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 Posted: Tue Nov 26th, 2013 04:41 pm
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Dieter. D

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My only problem with R.C. :

I have a Transmitter and Receiver of David T ( DelTang ) all the best.
For one locomotive for testing.
More to come later ...

Unfortunately, the H0 locomotives are so very small.
I do not want a ghost-car, but want to try to fit everything in the locomotive.
Currently I have tentatively 4 batteries AAA Eneeloop in operation.
So 4.8 Volts.
This is very good, but the case does not fit on it.

In tests with a cellphone battery with 3.7 Volts to me the speed appeared too slow, especially with gradients.
So more Volts.

Now I would have 2 mini LiPo batteries connected in series, then I have 7.4 Volts.
Actually too much again !

I had read somewhere that there is a booster that increases the Voltage, but cannot find anything about this ?

I would also like to leave the batteries, during charging, in the locomotive.
How can I make the most electric, without ever removing the locomotive body ?

However, I have seen, according to reports on the Internet, people are still afraid of those things, like fire-hazard etc.
You've probably had experience ?
I do not want to burn me or the loco !

Bruno ( chordially ) posted me the following

But only 70 mAh ?
Is that enough ?
The dimensions are good.
What power is consumed in an H0 locomotive ?

I have found in Germany this store, which has a lot ?

Would be very happy about reports.



My english is very bad:-( school English...
I must translate with Google.
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