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 Posted: Wed Nov 27th, 2013 03:04 pm
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When I started my "r/c adventure",
I had the luxury of being employed at a hobby shop which sold r/c equipment and one of my buddies is an r/c jet flyer.
This helped me along with my obsession.
I know that most will have to search out proper batteries on the net.
I am able to go to a store and actually see what will fit and buy it.
I have taken my locos to the LHS and checked out sizes, etc. while the amused staff watched and offered their advice...good or bad.
Herb is right, do not be afraid of LiPo batteries, they only explode when mistreated (like many ladies).
I have some in my locos that are 10 years old and work like new after many, many charges.
I don't know of any "guide" about battery sizes for specific locos.
Something you might consider is making "mock ups" of certain batteries from balsa wood using the known dimensions available,
and then see if there is room to install them in your locos.
It will take "creative cramming" to accomplish this sometimes,
and you may have to forgo such things as cab interior details in favor of batteries and boards.
But I must comment that I would rather have a beautifully performing r/c loco with a battery in the cab,
than a beautifully detailed cab interior of a loco that balks on dirty track and wheels.


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