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 Posted: Wed Dec 11th, 2013 02:50 pm
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Can you believe big honkin' articulateds running on 3 foot gauge track...
not the Uintah jobs, but locos that look like C&O power!

How about the smallest 2 foot gauge 4-4-0 built for a tourist line...not Mt Gretna NG.

And all points in between,
and they were built by Baldwin, Alco, and other US locomotive makers.
Way down Mexico way, these and many more once (and maybe still do) ran all over the country.
Here's a classic book that needs to be in every narrow gauge lovers' library.


This is another "what can I say" work,
written by a man who rode the trains and tells about his adventures.
Best offers many of his own photos and there are many from the DeGoyler collection,
at Southern Methodist University here in Dallas (Quite a place to visit).

Prices range from not much to almost outrageous for this one so check it out.
There is way too much to write about and as you can tell,
this one is probably my favorite.


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