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 Posted: Sun Dec 29th, 2013 09:10 pm
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Brackets were a thought for me too, but I decided to at least try and design a valance that will be sturdy enough to support 1-2 modules stacked on top of the first. Lighting and backdrop was the main reason to have a valance, as you pointed out. In every show I've been to in the Midwest, the lighting has not been adequate for folks who have limited vision and also for folks carrying cameras. To give a layout a decent amount of light would be very beneficial. So no, lightning isn't necessary, but it is a priority right underneath safety and durability, safety taking precedence overall. On top of this, the valance is visually pleasing and looks very professional, something that also ranks high on my list of elements I want for the layout.

The bracket idea is more or less my backup if spring arrives and I still haven't thought of a decent idea of having legs, bench work, scenery, backdrop and lighting all in one module. The benefit I see with all-in-one module design is the protection the modules give to the scenery and the fact that I won't need to carry around so many boxes full of trains, trees, power supplies, buildings, vehicles and people.

Will I solve the issue? Who knows, but I'm glad you and Martin have given me other options in case my idea doesn't quite work.


James W.

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