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 Posted: Tue Dec 31st, 2013 08:41 pm
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I ran across a way to automatically stop a train at the end of a point to point layout using diodes across rail gaps. You then throw the reverse switch on the power pack and the train runs the other direction until it comes to the diode at the other end.

Point to point without having to watch the train constantly, and it can run into a tunnel or building at the end of the line and stop safely without becoming wreckage on the floor.

Are there different diodes for different voltages? or could the same diode be used for both On30 and G scale?

Where would I find them? (The last operating Radio Shack in the region no longer deals in parts, but just sells cell phones and R/C toys.)

Since I'm not into electronics, DCC, or R/C on my micro layouts, this seems like a simple way to handle point to point operations while being distracted at train shows.

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