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 Posted: Sun Jan 19th, 2014 09:56 pm
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A couple of RR finds courtesy of Google Earth:

At Pagosa Junct CO. 37deg 02'15.73 & 107deg 11'56.26"W :

-an abandoned gondola, looks like a pipe carrier as car is open ended. Also lots of RR stuff nearby - a bridge, pumphouse & old bldgs.

 At Arboles CO. 37deg 01'17.48"N & 107deg 24'.22.28"W :

 - I first noticed the unusual shadow on the ground; turned out to be an ex-D&RGW tank tender converted to a water tank. Also 2 abandoned gondolas to immediate NWest - also visible in 'Street View'.

As a possible source of ideas for a prototype location I have been attracted to the Pagosa Junct - Pagosa Springs line which looks as though it mostly follows Road No 700 along Cat Creek Road to the San Juan River valley, beside Road No 160 (which may have been built in part on the original ROW ?). They seem to have run a mix of Consolidateds & Shays, mostly 2nd hand.
 However I can't find exactly how/where the P Springs line diverges at or near P Junct. Nor any hint of the terminus at P Springs; the logging branches aren't traceable either.
I've searched everywhere I can think of but I cannot find a track plan of the terminus/yard at P Springs - that could be really useful to me.

If you like a challenge James ??!! - I don't really intend modelling the logging branches so their detail is only of academic interest. Any idea of the steepest grade on the 'main' line ?.

Regards & Thanks                    Michael 

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