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 Posted: Tue Jan 21st, 2014 12:30 pm
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I've got an idea for a challenge, or a hilarious youtube video.

If you have never heard of the show "Pimp my ride" on MTV, don't bother checking it out... Synopsis: Annoying Rapper (Xzibit) takes people's hoopty wagons (crappy cars) and turns them into near show quality cars. They do some ridiculous stuff.

So... "Pimp my kit" would be to take a structure kit from the Plasticville, Life Like, Model Power etc. (set maximum MSRP at like 30 bucks), and be given a ridiculously low budget for add ons (10 bucks maybe) and see how skillfully you can polish a turd.

I've seen tons of masterfully crafted 200 dollar limited edition kits on forums, but What can those modelers do when they are handicapped? Why not show young kids, or new hobbyists what can be done with a super limited budget, patience, and skill?

What say ye?

If by prototype, you mean the first time I built something, then yes, it is prototypical.

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