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 Posted: Fri Feb 7th, 2014 10:16 am
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Didn't get a reaction of the museum but did a internet search on the patents of this car. Couldn't find any related patents registrated on the dates wich are shown on the side of the car but a serach on Ralston and ore care gave me this result wich I found  interesting and usefull:
There are some drawing in it and when you download the pdf file (perhaps you need a google account for it) also the original text is visible.

One of the drawings:

Its a bit a technical drawing but the number 9 is a rod wich presses against the doors through rollers 10. I think they're also visible on the photo posted earlier:

When the racked rod, number 30, was replaced by a wormwheel then maybe there was no need for a locking system, however I think there was one.

Please feel free to comment on my thoughts.


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