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 Posted: Mon Mar 17th, 2014 07:38 pm
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Hi Woodie :cb:

Yes, the bow-tie or 'double bow knot' as the map in the book calls it, at Mesa Junction, is pretty cool. :cool:

Forming a 'wierd wye', allowing trains to run directly between the 2 mountain terminals, of Tamalpais Tavern  :bg: & New Muir Inn :bg: (lotta pubs on this line !).

If you're still in need of 'refreshment' after the Tamalpais Tavern :bg: & New Muir Inn :bg: ...

... & not feeling 'a little woozey' from all the bow-knots & hairpins ... :Crazy:

... there's always Muir Inn :bg: & West Point Inn :bg: ...

... & Dipsea Inn :bg: (via the stage-road).

:moose::moose::moose::moose::moose: (watch out for the local mooses; they're "smarter than the average bear !"

Tally-ho & down we go !!!

GRAVITY ! :brill:


:pop: Si.


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