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 Posted: Sun Apr 13th, 2014 05:03 pm
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Brian Wise

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I am hoping to find someone, or someplace, that has a Bachmann Spectrum 2-truck Heisler for sale. These things are rare as hen's teeth it seems. As part of Phase I of our new logging museum, we are having exhibits designed to go into several 1920's vintage logging bunk houses. The exhibits in one of the buildings will discuss Steam Technology in the woods, in particular the different steam locomotive propulsion designs (geared and direct connected). The interactive exhibits include G-scale models of each type of locomotive on rollers (and in protective cases), motorized to show the machines in motion. We have a Shay, Climax and rod locomotive for each of their exhibits, but are still in need of a Heisler. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with info that can help out our museum!

Many thanks,

Brian Wise
Director - Operations & Restorations
Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad & Museum
Mineral, WA

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