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 Posted: Fri Apr 25th, 2014 04:28 am
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Time for a bit of an update.

As I reviewed the laws of physics, it struck me why the original design of having a "c" shape cross-section would be too unstable.

Well, I realized that if the layout framework was shallower than the backdrop supporting the overhang is tall, then leverage works in favor of the vertical supports.

Since the module has to fit within the trailer door opening of 22 inches, I re-thought my design so now I will have modules 22" deep with a backdrop 30" tall.

The diagram below isn't to scale, but everything is pretty closely proportional:

I'm certain this design will work, and should look good, AND should be relatively light weight.

The track will be no less than 4 inches from the backdrop wall or from the front of the display. Subtract that and the 2 inch thick vertical supports and that gives the track 12" of space to play with (front of display to the back of the display). The reason for the 4" rule is so that trains won't fall off the display or scratch up the backdrop if they ever derail. Also, that allows for building flats and vegetation between the tracks and the backdrop while allowing a similar amount of room in front for the same stuff. The overall effect of having scenery both in front and behind the trains should make the scene feel deeper, fuller, and more realistic.

Now the only problem with this is that to have an oval within these confines means having 30" diameter curves. It's doable, but won't look right. So this display might end up being what is called a "Part time oval" which is essentially a switching layout that can have curve sections added to it and a straight section along the back to make an oval when at a show, but will be a switching layout most of the time.

I think this could work and I am finally satisfied with the design.

Construction to begin in three weeks!


James W.

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